Proposed Development on Decatur St - PQ Corp
Friday, March 13, 2020

Good Morning SBYSL Families

We want to bring to your attention a proposed development that could potentially impact the Locust Point Community, Francis Scott Key School and SBYSL.

The PQ Corp on E. Fort Ave at Decatur Street has closed and the property is being purchased by a developer. The developer is proposing to build over 100 houses on the property, adding a 50 car parking lot at the end of Decatur Street and taking the small baseball field on FSK’s property and restructuring it more closer to the school’s cafeteria. Looking at the link attached, the new development could potentially take away a lot of green space on the grassy fields behind FSK. This could impact SBYSL and our playing areas.

Currently, the Locust Point Community Association is planning a special meeting on March 25th at 7:30pm in the conference area at McHenry Row. Of course this could be postponed because of current restrictions due to the CoronaVirus. Monitor their website and facebook page for any updates.

If you live in Locust Point, we are encouraging you to attend the meeting and become informed. SBYSL will be represented as well. At this time, I am not sure of SBYSL’s stand on the project until we receive more information. We will keep our families as updated as we are able.

Here a link with an overlay photo of the proposal and space impacted:

Stay Healthy Families!! Look out for your neighbors who are elderly or have compromised immune systems.